Travel Pillow and Mosquito Bracelet what a combination is this a real brand?!

My sweet, smooth, interesting and very satisfying journey using Enzo Products begun by a simple recommendation by a friend who was recommended by another who was probably recommended by another. It has been two years of nothing but a happy and satisfied customer if I may. having tried their products, I know am not about to stop anytime soon.

Enzo travel pillow

this Enzo Travel Pillow is made of 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester. Making It is nice and soft.its easy to carry . It’s pretty heavy in weight. being a frequent traveler,this makes my travels awesome and comfy. it is memory foam inside with cooling gel keeps you very cool. It fits neck perfectly making you sleep as if you are on your bed! I even like using it sitting up in the bed while I am on the computer. This is a must have especially if you travel.

Enzo mosquito bracelet

Enzo mosquito bracelet is easy to use, snap on snap off locks, the bands is made of peppermint and lemon grass scent, 100% natural oil with lavender, Enzo’s mosquito repellent band is usable in 3-5 days span offering the protection. I use it while going for hiking, biking, walks in bushy areas and when going for runs in the woods sometimes. Its 100% effective!

I love it because it is environment friendly and is 100% natural that means no additives or chemicals that could cause harm to me or any human for that matter.